Tuesday, December 13, 2022


The rustling of the wind draws my gaze to the window where I notice that the strength of the wind is exceptionally strong today. The trunks of the birch trees in my neighbour's garden bend with the force of the gale gracefully as its branches caress the trunk of a neighbouring Douglas fir. My own life feels the sway and push of the invisible external forces surrounding me as I am hypnotized by the movement and flutter. Swirls of snow twirl across my window in a sparkly chaotic dance before they begin coating the ground with white. The rhythmic vibrations soothe my heart with its lullaby as I sit and cocoon myself in the warmth of blankets and the steam rising from my hot chocolate. 

I feel grounded to the earth as a conductor for the energy whirling around me. I am safe within my four walls with the yellow glow from a table lamp softening the colours around me. Being enveloped in the coziness of my home as the harsh weather whirls around me sinks me into a lazy bliss. Today, I do not have any obligations that will drag me into busier conditions outside the perimeter of my burrow. It is up to me to make the most of this delicious event but my eyes become heavy from the content and heat of the heavy blankets. I slip in and out of dreams fueled by the novel in my hand drawing me to fantasy kingdoms of faeries and witches discovering their identities and destinies. Somehow I am entangled in their world as mine sings me lullabies and shields me from my own. 

Suddenly I feel pointed depressions on my leg and the sounds of a distant motor. My Siberian ball of fur has decided she wants to join the nap party, or perhaps disrupt it. The rhythmic purring can now be felt is mild vibrations around my neck as my cat makes her way to inspect my face. Inspecting my breathing and ensuring I am willingly trapped under a mountain of blankets in my pillow nest. I run my hands over her soft pillowy fur and bring her closer, welcoming her into my lair. She contentedly makes herself at home and begins making biscuits on my belly eliciting surprising giggles. Her eyes show her determination to draw me into the depths of contentment that I forget I can reach. 

On days like this I am reminded that slowing down the world and appreciating its comforts is important. Moments like these are what make this chaotic life bearable. Every day does not need to whirl by as if we are traveling on a bullet train with no stops. Each break allows me to breathe fresh air, stretch my legs and take in the beauty of my surroundings that speed by too fast through the window. The world will still be there tomorrow when I am ready and recharged. I need to capture these moments more often as they dissolve as quickly the snowflakes that land on my tongue. Before I know it, this will all be over and behind me. In my final moments, these are the times, that will bring me joy in remembering.


Photo by Katie Azi on Unsplash

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