Beautiful Creation

Friday, September 25, 2020

Do you realize what an awe-inspiring creation you are? It is in the way you contain unlimited potential in the depths of your mind that metamorphoses into reality with the palms of your hands. The way your body can reproduce life that contains half of your chemical blueprint into a complete being whom you nurture and grow in your womb for nine months. The ability to feel immense emotions, yours and others, and accept the energy hurled at you by the world around you while emitting a unique resonance that attracts others towards you. The way you can set goals and achieve them when you set your mind towards them, whatever they may be.

    You become an amalgamation of strength and courage to fight the battles you do every day in a world in which equality is still a budding concept for which you need to fight for. Now and then your feet falter with the burdens placed on you by the responsibilities you tow, but still you continue with every ounce of energy remaining within. Just when you believe there is no more left within you to give you unlock a new pocket hidden somewhere in your depths and once again you drag yourself forward hoping to find the momentum to carry you ahead just a little more. There is some hesitation, regret, pain, in your truth encasing you out of which you are desperate to build some walls to protect yourself from the never-ending onslaught of life raining on you. It becomes difficult to differentiate from among those around you who will help lift you up and who really wants to see you fall out of spite, jealousy, or their own personal pain they do not know how to handle and instead project. 

    The world demands endless sacrifices from you, the people, the cultures, the religions, all requiring you to bend and not break and perhaps not question, so you continue enduring quietly. And you will endure, even while bearing your shackles that limit your potential and your needs you will learn to either survive or break free. No matter what choice you make, you are strong because nobody else walked in your shoes for even a second's worth of time to deserve the right to dictate or judge your actions. However, sometimes you wonder and blame yourself for the actions of others and outcomes you have received in this life. But let this be a gentle reminder that you are not entirely to blame and it is okay to accept when you are feeling six feet underground where nobody can reach you even while you plead for change. 

    But there is a promise of new beginnings each time the sun rises from the east reminding you gently that time moves forward bringing fresh opportunity and change at your fingertips should you try. Even the current phase will fluctuate and shift in response to actions willed by your motivation. Within the helplessness, there is always a flame that you may yet find hidden in the crevices of your mind in a place you may have created and hidden during better times. Its sudden flicker into your consciousness may startle a revolution that burns inside and spills outwards while the bells of change chime singing out for the long coming reprieve so you may sail into the peaceful waters of solace. 

    The fierceness kept hidden finally breaks through the armour lighting the spark in your eyes once again ready for battle. Your tribe recognizes your need to band together and the strength in numbers reminds you that loneliness was the demon whispering in your ear to disarm and sow the seed of helplessness to divert you from your true potential. The change depicted physically, spiritually, and mentally shines through on those who cross paths with you and carry the memory of your life the way a candle shares its flame losing none of its brightness, heat, or strength. Your message continues among those your life affects, and they pass that to others. Do you realize how impactful and important you are? You touch the lives of others with every action or inaction you take. 

    But your life is about you and your journey above all else because you are the protagonist of your story. Take time for you when you need it and the world will fall in and those aspects that stay will be there whenever you return. Everything does not have to mean continuous movement and change to be fruitful or have meaning, because those moments of respite and rebalance are there to improve the foundations of stability in the eternal movement of time and place. While everything around you is in a constant state of motion, your recharge enables you to take a step back and observe the surrounding life with a fresh perspective so you can reassess what is important to you in the big scheme of things. What you discover might shock you. 

    The restlessness of the soul is not necessarily an evil or negative thing because it could be your subconscious alerting you to keep moving, make a certain change, or take that next step. Sure, you might chalk some things to destiny or fate and may not be in your hands, but your everyday decisions are completely yours and the consequence of those decisions may influence the future wherein which you hope for change. There is no better time for that change than today, this minute, this very second. This is your reminder. You are a complete and powerful entity on your own. 

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